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Our Philosophy

Cardiovascular disease is the most common and significant serious disease in the developed world and in the UK alone 1.5 million people are estimated to suffer with angina. Enormous developments have been made in the last decade to improve investigation, treatment and the long term outlook in patients with heart disease.

Windsor Cardiology was founded in 2005 by Dr Khalid Barakat and Dr Stephen Rex, two consultant cardiologists who live and practice in Windsor and the surrounding areas of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Greater London.

Windsor Cardiology offers a complete cardiology service to our patients, from diagnosis through to final treatment plan. Our aim is to deliver the very highest standards of cardiac care to the local population focussing on cardiac disease prevention, assessment, investigation and treatment for the full range of cardiac conditions.

Prompt treatment – less anxiety

We understand that the development of suspected cardiac symptoms causes tremendous anxiety and we offer prompt comprehensive assessment of these symptoms. Rather than have the worry of having to wait for and attend appointments for a number of tests, we generally complete a full range of tests at the time of the first appointment and in the vast majority of cases are able to give a full assessment on your first clinic visit. If more complex tests or treatments are then required we will arrange them locally at our carefully selected hospitals and clinics using our highly skilled team of specialists.

Early detection – simpler treatment

Fortunately, we are now able to detect cardiac diseases at a much earlier stage than before and this allows us to prevent progression of the condition and makes treatment much simpler. We offer the full range of screening tests to detect early cardiac disease including screening of fit young adults for signs of unrecognised congenital (present from birth) heart problems which can occasionally be life threatening.

As well as giving general information about our services we have designed this website to act as a resource for useful information about all aspect of cardiac disease. This includes simple explanations of all the common cardiac conditions and tests along with links to a full range of websites which can give much more detailed information as required.

We are always keen to improve and develop our services and would welcome any feedback concerning both our services and this website. Please see the contact us section.